Sam Trahan

I am a hurricane researcher, dessert artist and programmer who works for the US government's Environmental Modeling Center, helping in the development of the 2016 HWRF model, a real-time supercomputer simulation used by the National Weather Service for hurricane prediction.

My research is in the field of atmospheric physics, specifically hurricane inner core dynamics. Hurricane inner core dynamics is the study of the inner core region of hurricanes. Generally, the inner core region is considered to be the eye, eyewall (or eyewalls) and innermost rainbands. Specifically, I am studying various mesoscale (small) flow patterns and convection in real and simulated hurricanes. My intent is to develop model diagnostics that will determine how well current operational forecasting models represent these small features, and improve the hurricane model to better represent such features.

My hurricane research is not my only research. I also spend time inventing new cheesecakes and low-fat vegan desserts to mail to my various friends and cousins. These masterpieces that I have created were partly designed by my chief cooking advisor, Deborah Kollonige, another graduate student who was in the same program as I. I'm hoping to add a few webpages on this site with recipes for these amazing creations, but that will have to wait until I and my chief cooking adviser have more free time, after we catch up on research later this year.

While I do have gainful employment, I am interested in other job openings. Should you be interested, my resume is on this website at sam-trahan-resume.pdf.